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Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center (95A101051)

Avalanche Software (1 Mobile Device MGT License - 310-LI-AVH1AD)

by Datalogic

Part #: 95A101051

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To ensure this higher level of productivity care must be taken to maintain the system with special attention on software upgrades, data security, and diagnostic capabilities.

Avalanche Mobility Center (MC) provides comprehensive management of each element of a wireless system, provisioning and maintaining all major brands of handheld mobile computers, wireless infrastructure devices and peripheral items such as printers and barcode scanners.


  • Software distribution and revision control
    Avalanche saves you time and money by making it easy to manage devices. Preloaded on devices from a growing list of manufacturers, the Avalanche Enabler can automatically find the Avalanche system, eliminating the need for administrators to carry out extensive device discovery efforts. Avalanche also makes extensive use of Profiles and Groups, which allows administrators to predefine configuration details that can be automatically applied to new devices meeting specified criteria, rather than provisioning each device individually as it is added.
  • Device set-up out of the box
    Avalanche streamlines batch provisioning with the Scan-to-Configure feature that allows configuration parameters to be set using scanned, secure barcodes. Whether it's a new device that needs configuring or an existing device that needs new settings, the Scan-to-Configure feature drastically reduces the time associated with device set-up and staging.
  • Profile-based management
    Easily create global templates that define network and configuration settings and apply them to groups of devices based on specified criteria.
  • Management inside and outside the four walls
    Avalanche provides management support regardless of the network type, be it Wi-Fi or WWAN, including cellular networks such as GPRS, and can manage hybrid devices that transition between these different networks. To help manage devices outside the four walls, Avalanche provides a variety of features. For example, mobile device profiles allow for the configuration of device-specific settings such as time zone, custom device properties, registry settings and carrier settings like APN. SMS-capable devices in sleep mode can be forced to check in to receive necessary updates. Avalanche also provides administrators with the option to allow a persistent device-to-server connection for situations where that type of connectivity is required.
  • Advanced task scheduler
    Avalanche automates configuration and software package deployment, firmware distribution and other tasks to manage a large, distributed wireless LAN.

Product DescriptionWavelink Avalanche Mobility Center - license
Product TypeLicense
CategoryNetworking applications - system & remote management
License Qty1 mobile device

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