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Electronic Ticketing eCitation

How often are you handwriting citations? Not only is this task time consuming, officers are incurring the risk of data entry errors, as well as jeopardizing their own safety by spending too much time curbside.

With the goal of keeping both the officer and the community out of harm's way, electronic ticketing eCitation creates an error-free citation system that streamlines the citation process from the officer, to records management, to the court system.

Electronic Ticketing eCitations:

  • Reduce the number of illegible tickets.
  • Send reports directly to records management from the patrol vehicle.
  • Less time on the curb results in more time on patrol.
  • Facilitate future budget savings, reducing the need for grants.

We listen and respond to technology challenges in the Law Enforcement community. Striving to share our deep knowledge-base and resources, our goal is to provide the expert support and solutions you need to drive success.

Partnering with leading manufacturers like Honeywell, we provide barcode driver's license readers, mobile printers, mounting equipment, and more to deliver data collection solutions, including eCitation, firearms tracking, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, and printing solutions.

View Hidden Benefits of eCitation [Infographic]

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