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Honeywell Granit 1980i Industrial Scanner Family

Honeywell Granit 1980i Industrial Scanner Family

Granit 1980i Industrial-Grade Full-Range Scanner

This wired industrial scanner offers full-range area-imaging technology to read essentially every 1D and 2D barcode across its unparalleled range, supporting high operator productivity in the toughest of environments.


  • Full-range area-imaging performance: Capable of reading low quality 7.5 mil paper codes scanned at an arm’s length to 100 mil retro-reflective codes hanging from warehouse rafters. Scan nearly all 1D and 2D barcodes from as close as 15 cm to as far as 15 m away.
  • Simple to use: Take the guesswork out of extended range scanning by using the 1980i’s omni-directional scanning, center-decode feature, and laser-spot aimer.
  • Built tough: Can endure fifty drops to concrete from two meters and 5,000 tumbles from one meter; has an IP65 rating.
  • Remote MasterMind reduces total cost of ownership: Easily oversee and monitor usage of installed devices with this turnkey remote device management solution.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 Products Page 1 of 1