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EasyDL License (TF2-EPDL)

SOFTWARE:EasyDL 2.0 Drivers License and ID parsing

by Honeywell

Part #: TF2-EPDL

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MSRP: $109.72



Honeywell's EasyDL software plug-in parses bar code data found on government-issued identification card for applications involving age verification or automatic form population.

EasyDL eliminates the need for host system software to process the encoded information contained within 1D and 2D bar codes on document such as military issued IDs, driver's licenses and driver's permits.

After installing the plug-in, a simple programming enables you to transmit up to 24 data fields in any order you choose. When you enhance a Honeywell imager with EasyDL, you've just taken an important step toward protecting your company and increasing efficiency.



  • Reduces transaction time by 95%
    It takes the average person to manually enter license data. EasyDL achieves the same result in a less time to scan a license's bar code.
  • Eliminates data entry error
    The average person makes one error for every 20 words typed - EasyDL eliminates these costly errors by automatically populating electronic forms.
  • Reduces liability
    EasyDL takes the guesswork out of age verification, reducing the likelihood of selling age-restricted products to under age purchasers.
  • Achieves regulatory compliance
    Comply with HIPAA patient confidentiality regulations and other state and federal regulations regarding the acquisition of personal information by configuring EasyDL to parse bar code data and remove sensitive information from being transmitted to the host system.


Product Description EasyDL - license
Product Type License
Category Utilities - other
License Qty 1 drive

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