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Symbol Digital Scanner DS6707 SR (DS6707-SRBU0100ZR)

DS 6707 Scanner (DS6707SR, USB Kit) - Twilight Black

by Motorola

Part #: DS6707-SRBU0100ZR

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Maximize employee productivity and streamline business processes in the retail store, at the post office, in the pharmacy and on the manufacturing floor with a handheld device from Symbol. With the DS6700 series, you get the power of a bar code scanner, digital camera and document scanner in a single, cost-effective device.

From point-and-shoot simplicity to extremely reliable bar code scanning and the ability to scan full size documents including fine print the DS6700 series is the right tool for the job.


  • Unique combination bar code scanner and imager delivers extraordinary application flexibility - and operational efficiencies
    Designed for ease of use, the Symbol DS6707 delivers true point-and-shoot capture for 1D, 2D and PDF417 bar codes, allowing experienced and novice users to process items quickly and accurately the first time. And the 1.3-megapixel camera enables the capture of full-sized documents, offering an affordable way to streamline recordkeeping with electronic filing - from capturing medication prescriptions to bills of lading, customer checks and signatures. And Motorola's advanced text-enhancement technology sharpens the scanned text to ensure that even fine print is legible.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs - real business value
    The Symbol DS6707 delivers real value by enabling you to improve customer satisfaction while significantly reducing costs. Customer service is improved since employees are able to perform tasks more rapidly - and on the spot. The reduction in devices not only reduces device costs, but also the time and cost associated with asset management and training. And while fewer devices translate into a reduction in device management time and costs, the Symbol DS6707 takes it a step further. Where digital cameras and document scanners require hands-on support, the Symbol DS6707 is Remote Scanner Management (RSM) compatible, enabling your staff to remotely monitor, track and update all your Symbol DS6707 devices from a single central location, driving the costs of management even lower.
  • Faster, more accurate screening at airports and borders
    At border crossings, airports and more, the Symbol DS6707 assists government agencies in efficiently verifying identities to help improve safety at borders and for travelers without long lines and wait times. The ability to read the PDF417 bar codes widely found on driver's licenses, military IDs, national ID cards, passports, visas and other travel and identification documents - enables screeners to instantly read, decode and confirm the identity of travelers. With a quick scan, identity can be instantly verified, captured and even checked against a database, all with minimal manual processing and paper forms.
  • Streamline recordkeeping in the doctor's office
    In a physician's office, the Symbol DS6707 can reduce the amount of paper records and administrative processing times. The high-resolution camera enables the capture of a wide array of patient information, including medical cards, insurance information, driver's licenses and patient medical history forms. With the press of a button, information is captured and stored electronically.
  • Improve operating room efficiency
    The Symbol DS6707 can help ensure that the signed consent form is present in the operating room on time every time. The device enables the instant electronic capture of the consent form, complete with patient signature. The electronic copy can then be transmitted instantly via the organization's computer network to the operating room nurse, allowing patient prep to begin as soon as the patient arrives. This not only improves the patient's experience, it also enables more rapid care in critical emergency situations. And by eliminating any delays due to misplaced forms, hospitals are able support more procedures per day.
  • Streamline recordkeeping and regulatory compliance in the pharmacy - electronic records at the press of a button
    With digital imaging, pharmacies can meet regulatory requirements for maintaining prescription records without the associated cost and administrative burden associated with paper storage. The Symbol DS6707 enables the electronic capture of clear and legible medication prescriptions in seconds. And the video viewfinder allows even novice users to capture images properly the first time - providing an electronic archive at the press of a button.

Product DescriptionSymbol Digital Scanner DS6707 SR - barcode scanner
TypeBarcode scanner - handheld - USB - decoded
Minimum Bar Width5 mil
Scan Field Width3.39 in - 11.02 in
Scan Element TypeVisible laser diode
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Dimensions (WxDxH)2.8 in x 4.7 in x 6.5 in
Weight6.42 oz

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