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Motorola VC6096 (VC6096-MACSKQRT1U1)

VC6096 Wireless WWAN In-Vehicle/Fixed Mount Mobile Computer (VC: W/L/P, HSDPA, 128/256, QRTY, WM 6.1 UPS A)

by Motorola

Part #: VC6096-MACSKQRT1U1

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This product (Part #: VC6096-MACSKQRT1U1) has been retired or discontinued by the manufacturer. View Replacement Product. Call or chat with an L-Tron representative if you have questions.

The VC6096 In-Vehicle/Fixed-Mount Mobile Computer is an all-in-one in-cab solution designed to help transportation and logistics providers achieve cost-effective compliance, maximize driver productivity, improve safety and vehicle utilization, reduce costs and improve customer service. Designed to handle Less Than Truckload (LTL), Truck Load (TL) and Over the Road (OTR) operations, the device is built to handle the rigors of the road while delivering the comprehensive wireless voice and data capabilities you need to maximize operational efficiency - including simultaneous wireless WAN (WWAN), wireless LAN (WLAN), Bluetooth, GPS and telematics support.


  • An open extensible solution
    Instead of a proprietary point-solution, the industry standards-based VC6096 gives you the power of choice - you can choose the hardware, peripherals and applications that best suit your unique enterprise requirements. A true platform for comprehensive fleet management, the VC6096 enables the collection of a wealth of real-time data - from mileage, location, driver performance, and vehicle metrics to hours of service and arrival and departure times - as well as the ability to deploy applications that will maximize that data.
  • Reduce fuel costs
    Simultaneous support for GPS and telematics applications provides the information you need to minimize mileage as well as ensure that the driving habits of your workers minimize fuel usage. As a result, the VC6096 becomes an important cost-containment tool - especially crucial with diesel fuel costs at an historical high.
  • Enable cost-effective collection of data for temperature sensitive loads
    Support for analog input allows you to track and record the temperature of a refrigerated load as well as the fuel levels in the refrigeration unit. As a result, without requiring any effort on the part of your drivers, you can provide proof that loads remained within acceptable temperature levels throughout transport. Drivers can receive real-time alerts if refrigerator fuel levels or refrigerator temperatures are reaching pre-set thresholds to enable proactive steps to prevent spoilage. Required data in the food transport industry is collected easily and cost-effectively; the safety of the food supply chain is improved; and the potential liability associated with spoilage is significantly reduced.
  • Rich voice communications
    Since the VC6096 enables drivers to place and receive phone calls, your drivers are always connected to dispatchers and are never more than seconds away. The integrated internal speaker and microphone combines with Bluetooth to allow drivers to choose their preferred hands-free voice mode: a wireless Bluetooth headset or speakerphone.
  • Easy to use
    When you put the VC6096 inside the cabs of your trucks, you give your drivers easy-to-use technology that virtually eliminates the need for training. The large 6.5 inch VGA display is easy to see in practically any lighting condition - from total darkness to bright sunlight, even when viewed through polarized sunglasses. The touchscreen display enables easy data input - even with gloved hands.

Product DescriptionMotorola VC6096 - data collection terminal - Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional - 256 MB - 6.5" - 3G
Product TypeData collection terminal - rugged
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Display6.5" color TFT - 640 x 480
ProcessorXScale PXA270
Processor Clock Speed624 MHz
Storage256 MB
Supported Flash Memory CardsSD Memory Card
Cellular Technology3G
Cellular ProtocolsHSDPA
Wireless Connectivity802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
Wired LANEthernet
FeaturesUSB host
Dimensions (WxDxH)9.5 in x 1.9 in x 9.3 in
Weight4.85 lbs

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