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NiceLabel Control Center Pro Upgrade license - 50 users (NLCCP50_LPU)

by NiceLabel

Part #: NLCCP50_LPU

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NiceLabel Control Center Pro is a centralized label management system for companies which require labeling traceability and visibility. NiceLabel Control Center Pro enables you to control all aspects of labeling, including security, label design, print job logs, reprinting and monitoring. NiceLabel Control Center Pro also enables compliance with industry standards, controls your labeling environment, and helps you quickly respond to label change requests.

  • Increase the visibility and transparency of your labeling operations
    Your customers, regulators, and legislators expect flawless accuracy of label data, compliance with standards, and traceability for every product shipped. Mislabeling can cause catastrophic damage to your brand. NiceLabel Control Center Pro helps you minimize risk of product recalls, fines, and losing customer loyalty.
  • Comply with industry standards
    The labels on your products must be compliant with standards in your industry. Whether it's GS1, GHS, REACH, ODETTE, AIAG, VDA, DoD, UDI or any other standard, you can design fully compliant labels with NiceLabel Designer Pro. Constantly updated with its features, NiceLabel Designer Pro means you don't need to worry about ongoing changes in the standards.
  • Achieve labeling consistency
    Businesses with multiple label designers or multiple locations often end up with disparate and inconsistent labeling systems. This introduces the risks of human errors, inconsistent labels from one factory or location to another and can mean expensive maintenance and compliance fines. NiceLabel Control Center Pro consolidates your labeling systems and helps you achieve labeling consistency, centralized control and standardized branding, improved business continuity, better customer satisfaction and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure labeling quality and minimize risks
    Control Center Pro centrally stores all your label templates. Only authorized users can add, modify or delete label designs. New designs and changes are instantly deployed to all globally distributed printers.
Product Description NiceLabel Control Center Pro - upgrade license
Product Type Upgrade license
Category Creativity application - labeling / barcode software
License Type 50 users
Platform Windows

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