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RF IDeas AIR ID Playback USB Reader (RDR-7085AKU)

Rf ideas, Air Playback Usb Reader

by RF IDeas

Part #: RDR-7085AKU

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RF IDeas AIR ID Playback USB Reader
AIR ID products meet a variety of needs in multiple situations. AIR ID products leverage current HID iClass and NXP MIFARE badge investments and existing control systems while expanding technologies and applications with a single badge solution.The AIR ID Playback interfaces contactless cards to existing applications and systems without the need to change or update these systems. There is no need to deploy software. The plug-and-play AIR ID Playback reader delivers user data from the contactless card to the desired application or machine. Data may be written to the card using the AIR ID Writer. In many cases, the Playback reader can be configured to read data already on the card. The reader is instantaneously configurable, allowing users to change the location being read on the contactless card. There is no need for pilot tests, training, software updates, technical support, licenses or the hassle of incompatibilities since no software is deployed. This multi-application reader delivers strong benefits to the user: easy plug-and-play, contactless operation, and cost savings.Applications PC/LAN or application log-on Time and attendance Employee identification Mag-stripe and bar-code replacement Form filler to existing software applications Truck scales PLC and embedded controllers Point-of-sale/vending

Desktop read-only reader for ID card enrollment of contactless smartcards

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