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RF IDeas AIR ID 13.56 MHZ I Class/MIFARE, USB (RDR-7582AKU)

Rfideas, Air Id Rf Ideasd Reader, 13.56 Mhz I Class/mifare, Usb, Independent Software Req

by RF IDeas

Part #: RDR-7582AKU

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Get started using your existing employee building security badges for enhanced security and functionality with the 82 Series AIR ID reader from RF IDeas. We help to facilitate the deployment of services like single-sign-on (SSO) solutions by offering compatibility between the over 500 million different cards, tags and labels used for facility access. Unlike the AIR ID Enroll product the 82 series does not use keystroking to send the card's data info but instead uses a callable DLL. This non-keystoking allows you to integrate reader functions into specific software programs. For example if you wish to use your door access badge for employee attendance the 82 series would enable you to get the card information and talk to the software attendance program to track their time in and time out for attendance. This is only one example of the many extended uses of cards, tags and labels beyond just door access.Now your company can easily get started using your existing employee badge system for enhance security and functionality of a single sign on software program no matter what type of credentials it uses.Applications Employees are familiar with the badge Leverages the investment of a single badge Single/common development platform Supports most ID badge technologies used Multitude of application uses No license restrictions

Black USB Reader, USB Keyboard Interface

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