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Z-Space Asset Tracking Single User PC license (ITSN-ATSU)

Track Unique ID, Model#, Serial#, Vendor, Cost, Purchase, Install-Warranty date, take picture, add note

by Z-Space


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Z-Space Asset Tracking Single User PC license Asset Tracking is a complete software solution for tracking the location of items. The software can be customized to suite your exact needs, including reports and integration with legacy applications.
Key Features: Customize the data collection with built?in options Capture activity for the initial Receiving of the Asset, Moving of asset from one location to another, Retiring of an asset, and Physical counting. Track Unique ID, Model & Serial Number, Vendor, Cost, Purchase, Install & Warranty date, take picture, add note Batch or Wireless data collection Compatible with major manufacturers of mobile computers and printers Lock users into using only the data collection program Print item and location labels Import Items, Categories, Users and more
Solution Pack includes: SQL database (CE for Single PC user or Express for Multi PC user) PC program to Import data, Run reports, Enter transactions, Reconcile counts & Maintain database tables for: Assets Locations Asset categories Conditions Retire Reason codes Printers and label formats Reports (with grouping and limit options) Asset Listing ? Group by location ? Limit by Building or Room Data Collection program ? Three levels of location

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