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Z-Space ITScriptNet Upgrade Batch--Batch+ Runtime (ITSNBATRUNPLUG)

ITScriptNet Batch Plus Runtime Version (License key only)

by Z-Space


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MSRP: $200.00


Z-Space ITScriptNet Upgrade Batch--Batch+ Runtime Develop highly effective, efficient and creative programs with ITScriptNet's user interface using: Textboxes Buttons (image & text) Radio buttons Checkboxes Calendars Comboboxes Listboxes Grids Digital Ink (sign on glass) GPS Location Image Capture Text font & size controls Logos and image files Shapes and colors Status elements Use text files or generate defined validation files from an ODBC data source to validate input
Print to a Bluetooth, 802.11b, IrDA or serial printer Password protect the developer program file Simulate the program as if it were running on a device Program hot keys Limit scanned input to certain symbologies Range checking i.e. make sure a quantity field is numeric Control behavior of events, such as On Clicked, On Lose Focus, and On Value Change Trigger your own error and validation messages Split data from 2D symbols into different fields Perform a variety of lookups against validation files or collected data Display collected data in a grid Edit and delete collected data Beep, buzz, Flash LEDs and play .wav files Show battery life Query a GPS device to get current position coordinates and save in separate fields Shell out of ITScriptNet to run other business logic Hide or disable the Start menu on the device to limit user access to games, the internet and other sensitive areas Automatically transfer data when device is cradled/cabled Allow user control of transferring data or retrieving new validation files via buttons within the program
Use Data Processing Scripts Write VBScripts to perform additional processes on the data as it is being transferred to the server. Kick off other processes, like displaying a report, printing a document, send an email, send data to a shared site (FTP), and calling COM and .Net components. These scripts provide near limitless capabilities within ITScriptNet. Output Data to: Text files Excel?? spreadsheet Access database Any ODBC data source Batch Plus Connection Methods:
Cradle/Homebase Charging/communications cable Data Transfer Methods: Manual

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