3 IoT Security Tips To Help Your Business


We’ve been talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) for several years now.

We’ve blogged about many related topics, including:

And last, but certainly not least…

  • Security

If you’ve been following the news over the past couple weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines – “Web Blackout”, “Hacked Websites”, “Popular Sites Crash”, etc. Sites that went down included BBC, CNN, Amazon, Reddit, Twitter and Netflix.

And further, you may have seen what is to blame: the Internet of Things. Yikes.

Wasn’t all of this progress and technology advancement supposed to be a GOOD thing?

Well, yes. It was.

And still can be.

The IoT is under the heat right now because poorly secured IoT devices were hacked, which enabled a Mirai botnet to take over some well-known websites and cause them to crash. Yes, it was major and yes, it is scary. But experts have been warning about IoT-related security breaches for years.

The important thing for people to remember, is that security matters – even when you’re not part of a global business or popular website. Personal security is more important than ever before.

L-Tron’s IoT expert, Trevor DiMarco, recommends 3 important tips for IoT Security:

  1. Be aware.
    Data breaches are a reality. They happen every day. Stay alert and monitor your account information regularly to see if your accounts have been accessed from unknown locations. Weekly or more is recommended to contain the damage as quickly as possible should a breach occur.


  1. Be proactive.
    For personal accounts, this is as simple as keeping your passwords long and complex, with special characters, a combination of lowercase letters, capital letters, and numbers. Don’t forget to change them at least a few times a year. And avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. If you use the same password, it is that much easier for hackers to gain ALL of your personal information. IoT passwords are just as important – be sure to change your default IoT passwords, especially your route!


  1. Be calm.
    If your personal accounts are attacked, begin taking measures immediately. Change all of your passwords (follow the advice in step #2). Start documenting the fraudulent activities and begin to call customer service/account security to minimize further damage.


Is it worth it?

The IoT is here to stay and even with the potential downfalls, that’s not a bad thing. The Internet of Things can provide convenience, efficiency, and responsiveness like never before.


About the Author:

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