Using Thermal Printers to Perfect Tattoos

Thermal Printers for Tattoo Stenciling tattoos

When you hear the word “stenciling”, what comes to mind first?

Tracing a pre-cut design by hand?

How about creating tattoo templates?

The idea of a permanent tattoo might seem frightening at first—but as you watch a tattoo artist work, the process becomes more and more fascinating.

The skill and precision of creating the ideal stencil can be perfected with the latest imaging technology, and the chances of making a mistake are diminished once a template is in place. Some artists “free-hand” their work from a sketch, but others create a stencil before they begin.

Once the sketch is approved, it can be digitally transferred to special thermal or hectograph tattoo stencil paper. After the stencil is created, it’s set on the client’s skin for the artist to begin “tracing” and applying ink.

Brother PocketJet7 Mobile Printer SeriesCreating Precise Tattoos 

For tattoo artists who want to create stencils quickly and precisely, L-Tron can help with the Brother PocketJet 7 thermal printer.

Highlighted features of the PocketJet 7 include:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable and rugged
  • High resolution of 300 dpi available to accurately duplicate photographs and other images that have computer generated details onto the tattoo stencil
  • Quick installation via Bluetooth or USB
  • Compatible with most current imaging software to let you begin printing right away
  • Print up to 600 pages on a single charge

WATCH: How to Make Tattoo Stencils with the Brother PocketJet 

Advance Your Tattoo Business

This application is gaining in popularity because it’s one of the best ways to rapidly create superior detail. One customer stated that it was changing his business because he could provide better tattoos for his customers and serve even more clients due to the time it saved him. If you’re in the tattoo industry and want to learn more, please give us a call at 800-830-9523.


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