CPS: We want to go mobile…but we have questions about security!

Over the past months, we’ve been to quite a few conferences and talked to many, many people in the Social Services realm. Most people seem to express at least some level of interest in “going green” and converting their agency’s process from pen and paper to a mobile solution. ChildFirst_PhysicalListReview_TC75

Needless to say, this is a HUGE change and it is inevitable that people may have some reservations about making such a change, along with a long list of questions. Many of the questions we’ve been hearing involve the security features of ChildFirst, which we will cover in today’s blog. Our next blog will cover the questions we’ve been asked about the features of ChildFirst.

So without further ado, here is a list of the most common questions we’ve been hearing about security.

5 FAQs about the Security of the ChildFirst Mobile Solution

  1. Will my information and data be secure?

There are multiple layers of security built into ChildFirst to protect your records from being accessed by unauthorized people. The solution follows the same kind of security practices that are followed for other types of government applications. ChildFirst uses individual user credentials to access the program, as well as AES 256 Encryption, which ensures secure storage and transmission of sensitive data. AES stands for “Advanced Encryption Standard” and utilizes a key of up to 256 bits, which is the accepted standard amongst both government and financial entities, such as Wall Street Banking.

  1. What happens if my device becomes lost or stolen?

When the device is initially set up, a 3rd party mobile device management (MDM) application will be activated, allowing the device to be located, reset, or disabled. The MDM application may be provided by L-Tron or your organization. This type of app will allow your organization to disable a device wherever it may be.


  1. Can we prevent former caseworkers from logging into the system?

Yes. To prevent a caseworker from accessing ChildFirst Software, you can permanently (or temporarily) alter their access rights. To disable a caseworker from logging into the system, you can also lockout their user ID and credentials from the ChildFirst application.


  1. Is there a way to monitor the mobile device while it’s in the field?

By using a 3rd party MDM (as mentioned in FAQ #2), you will have the ability to monitor the GPS coordinates and usage of the mobile device (cell and data). The ChildFirst program has reporting features that allow management to view and monitor software usage.


  1. Sometimes our cases move to a different county. What do we do then?

If the other county uses ChildFirst, the information can be quickly and easily transferred directly into the other ChildFirst platform. The information can also be exported via CSV or XML. If the other county does not have ChildFirst, you can generate files and reports with the software to transfer. You will have the ability to control where the information goes or if it gets deleted.


Do you still have questions? We’d love to hear from you! And look for our upcoming blog on more FAQs about going mobile with CPS.

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