Keep Getting Errors?

Barcode scanning by hand is never fool-proof. However, by considering some of the most common problems, you can try to avoid getting errors or getting hung up on incorrect scans. However, before you start blaming the errors on these common problems, make sure that the errors are being caused by human error. Talk to your employees and establish protocols and procedures so that everyone is doing the same thing effectively. Also, educate your employees on exactly how to use the machines before they actually begin scanning. Now, let’s get into some common hang ups.

One of the most common issues with not being able to scan correctly is the angle at which you are trying to scan, or the angle at which the scanned item is mounted or positioned. Most scanners scan best at an angle so try to position or mount in that way.

Another common issue is that of interference by extra light in the environment. If there’s a photoelectric sensor mounted near a reader or if you are having extra light sources shine on or near the barcode, it could possibly interfere with the scanner’s light-receiving unit. Adjust lighting if possible.

There’s also the issue of barcode labels themselves. Glossy surface or laminated barcodes or barcodes printed on metallic surfaces cause problems with the laser beam, thus making these types of barcodes more difficult to read. Just be careful when you set the angle of the scan or try avoiding these types of barcodes as much as possible.