New Product: The Zebra TC8000

TC8000Another new and innovative product from Zebra, the TC8000 is a revolutionary redesign in mobile computer technology and form factor. Just one look at this device and you will see the out-of-the-box thinking Zebra put into this, all with workplace optimization in mind.

So what makes the TC8000 really special and unlike anything else on the market?

1. Ergonomics

Traditional devices have screens which are angled away from you when used for scanning. Although it may not seem like much at first glance, the increased motion and time it takes to tilt the screen to verify a scan or edit data adds up to lost productivity and increased worker fatigue. In order to change this, Zebra developed a forward facing and larger screen, eliminating the need to tilt and verify scans and edit data.

2. Weight

Carrying around a heavy mobile computer can really add up by the end of a shift, causing worker fatigue. Zebra has designed the TC8000 to be 33% lighter in weight than traditional devices, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.

3. All Touch Terminal Emulation Screen

Gone is the day of the green and black Terminal Emulation (TE) screen! When you purchase a TC8000, it includes a tool preloaded on the device to transform your old green screen into a graphics-based, all touch screen. The beauty of this tool is that no coding, modifications, or redesigns are required on your end. You also have the ability to make custom keyboards to fit the individual needs of your application.

4. Hot Swap Batterytc8000

So what is a hot swap battery? Traditionally, removing a battery meant shutting down and then restarting the device, which is a time consuming process. A hot swap battery means that the TC8000 will stay turned on for a short time when you remove the battery and allow you to replace it with a fully charged one without powering it down. Combined with the largest battery in its class, you will not need to worry about the TC8000 running out of power during the middle of a shift and you will save plenty of time by not waiting for devices to power down and reboot.

5. Productivity

All of this being said, the goal of any mobile computer is to increase worker productivity. Boasting a 14% increase in productivity, Zebra estimates using this device will save you roughly one hour per day per worker.

When you look at this number over the course of a week, month, or year, the potential savings add up quickly, making the TC8000 even more appealing.

Watch a [Video] below!

In my mind, the TC8000 honestly is the next generation in mobile computers.

When you combine all of the forward thinking, robust performance and features packed into this device, it is hard to find anything which can compete. Zebra truly has a game changer on their hands and it is a refreshing look into what the future holds for mobile computers. For more information on this, please contact our sales department and we will be glad to help.

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