The Ultimate Combo for Rugged Environments Pt 1 – TC8000


The new Zebra TC8000 Mobile Computer Series will revolutionize your manufacturing and warehouse floor productivity.

How will this mobile computer increase your workforce performance?


bullet1 Reduce Wrist Motion by 55%
Eliminate the need for workers to tilt repeatedly



bullet2 Up to 15% muscle exertion reduction



bullet3 Increase keyboarding speed by 40%
With the intuitive all-touch keyboard, error rates will decrease by up to 60%


bullet4 Reduce Fatigue
33% lighter than other models with new ergonomic form factor




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bullet5 No Training Required
 With the familiar interface with Android, there is little to no learning curve

Using the TC8000, add one more hour, per worker, per shift. Just like that.


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Make sure you check out Part II on the DS3600 and Part III on the ZT200/ZT400!


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