Tips for PDA Barcode Scanner Training

A handheld barcode scanner can make inventory tracking a breeze, but before all of that work can be accomplished, you need to have employees who know how to use the technology. Once you decide to implement barcode scanning technology into you

First off, make sure that your employees understand the barcode scanner interface before they start using it. Interfaces and operations are going to vary from model to model, so make sure that you and your employees are taking time to read the manuals and fully understand how the device works.

Next, know how these devices send and transmit data. Once you have the scanning done, you have to be able to process the data. Train your employees on how to properly upload, send, or transmit data so that you can in turn, get accurate numbers. Once that’s done, think about scanning procedures that your employees can use. Try to standardize them so that training will be easier to manage with future employees.

Then, it’s time to educate yourself and your employees on the actual barcodes. What type is it? What data will it give? What scanner is right for the job? Finally, to make sure that your operations stay as seamless as possible, educate your employees on how to deal with user errors. Establish procedures and protocols to minimize the negative impact of certain errors and what the best methods are for correcting certain errors.