With Zebra’s Link-OS and Cloud Connect, “There’s an App for That,” Too!

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.45.47 PMOne of the most famous taglines in modern technology is Apple’ trademarked, “There’s an app for that,” a phrase that brilliantly captures the defining app-centric characteristic of modern mobile computing. Savvy developers know the advantages of delivering new technology in application formats and interfaces with which clients are already familiar, competent and comfortable, and Zebra Technologies’ Link-OS, now with Cloud Connect, gives developers the tools they need to deploy a single, browser-based application that works across all of their clients’ various platforms.

Zebra’s Link-OS environment is an open platform that combines a comprehensive operating system for Zebra smart devices with powerful software-development tools, as well as a suite of stock software applications, to deliver a comprehensive environment for integrating, managing and maintaining Zebra printers. Better yet, the addition of Cloud Connect allows Zebra’s Link-OS printers to connect securely through the Cloud, greatly expanding the reach and flexibility of these smart printing platforms.

The advantages of printing via Cloud Connect are numerous:

  1. Because control apps are Cloud-based, there is no need to install software specific to a smartphone, tablet or computer, nor must print drivers be installed. Everything runs in your favorite browser.
  2. Connections are simplified, as in, there are none — wired or wireless — directly between the printer and whatever device you use to run your browser.
  3. Because the Cloud provides the common network, the printer and browsing device need not be connected to the same LAN or WAN.
  4. Because it’s browser-based, the same web app will work with any device, regardless of platform. Use iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac or Windows, as you prefer.
  5. Because all popular platforms are inherently supported and because security is built in, your team can use the devices they already have and with which they are already familiar and proficient.
  6. Because all devices use a central, browser-based app, one update updates the application for all users, regardless of the platform they use to access the app.
  7. Because the control app is browser based, it is not effected by updates to the each user’s browsing device’s OS. Android 4.2 versus 4.4? No worries!
  8. Because control of the browser-based application is centralized, security is far easier to administer.
  9. Printing from the Cloud is inherently mobile friendly.

cloud-computing-securityOf course, Zebra’s Cloud Connect delivers other advantages, many of which will be unique to your specific application.

Zebra’s Link-OS environment is currently available for a growing list of printers, including its mobile QLn 200-, 300- and 400-series printers and its iMZ 200- and 300-series printers, as well as its ZT 200-series of industrial printers and its ZD500R of desktop printers. More on Zebra’s Cloud Connect solution is available here.