The New L-Tron 4910LR Is Stopping Traffic In North America

4910LR-FullThe next generation of scanning has arrived for Department of Transportation, Law Enforcement and security agencies. The new 4910LR-151-LTRK (4910LR) from L-Tron, set to be released on April 1st, 2013,  is powered by Honeywell’s 6th generation of world-class image engine technology. The 4910LR delivers aggressive bar code scanning of 1D, PDF and 2D codes on hard-to-read and highly-reflective surfaces such as driver’s licenses, computer screens and mobile phones.

The 4910LR offers fast, accurate scanning of bar codes to reduce manual functionality and eliminate errors caused by illegible handwriting, transposition of numbers, and other errors associated with paper-based processes. It’s predecessor, the 4810LR, is currently used in law enforcement agencies in 25 states and several provinces in Canada.

Features tailored to public sector applications include:

  • 4910LR ScanningErgonomic: Similar in size and shape to an in-car microphone, the 4910LR is comfortable and easy-to-use, with a rugged and intuitive design.
  • TraCS Compatibility: TraCS is a sophisticated data collection and reporting tool providing state-of-the-art information management to streamline and automate the capture and transfer of incident data in the field (many other e-citation and accident reporting packages are also supported by the 4910LR).
  • Safe & Secure Mounting: A traditional, spring-mounted microphone mounting clip and hanger is used to safely secure and store in a mobile environment when not in use.
  • High Visibility Green LED Aimer: Laser-free aiming provides an accurate scan indication, creating a customer-friendly operating environment, while removing the risk of eye injury.

Superior Handling

4910LRThe microphone-styling on this data collection device is designed for handling and efficiency. With focus on portability and durability, the L-Tron 4910 can be used in a patrol car or in a fixed-mount position to quickly and accurately deliver traffic e-citations, take pictures and capture signatures. It can also be used in other public sector applications where reading a PDF bar code on a driver’s license or auto-populating forms would reduce operating costs and increase accuracy in an otherwise manual process.

The ability to automatically enter and collect information will result in increased revenue by limiting the occurrence of reduced or dismissed violations due to errors made on hand-written forms. Automating an otherwise manual process allows agencies to easily capture and store data, which in turn, enables them to analyze information that may help them make their communities much safer.

For quick scanning and parsing of data directly on to electronic forms, scanner plug-ins are also available to expand the 4910LR’s functionality. The EasyDL and EasyParse TotalFreedom® plug-ins eliminate the need to code the parsing routines directly into the application code.

For more information on the 4910LR from L-Tron, or to schedule a complimentary consultation of your public sector workflow process, contact us today. To read previous L-Tron blogs on the subject, click here.

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